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Join us for the next school year! We're looking to fill our new executive team!

This year, we're running elections for our executive positions. On Tuesday, June 17th, candidates will speak at our Annual General Meeting, which is open to all SD38 high school students. A paper ballot is completed by all students present and wishing to vote, and candidates with the most votes will be elected to their position. Details and rules on campaigning will be emailed to applicants.

Elected candidates will meet with SD38 administration and RSDCO Advisors to create working plans for 2019-20, and to build their volunteer teams.

Student Chair

The Student Chair is responsible for overseeing all RSDCO operations, including ensuring the financial, social and environmental responsibility of the organization, and ensuring all initiatives align with our core values. The Student Chair is responsible for representing the interests of the entire organization, including voicing student issues and being a spokesperson for the organization.The Student Chair acts as the liaison between RSDCO and SD38 administration.

The Student Chair should show initiative, be a critical thinker, have great time management, problem solving and good communication skills, understand leadership and set a positive example to others


Finance Director

The Finance Director maintains RSDCO’s budget and ensures we are financially responsible while providing as many opportunities as possible for students.

The Treasurer should show initiative, attention to detail, analytical skills and great time management.


Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the execution of all RSDCO student events, including planning engaging activities, securing venues and sponsors, and coordinating during event day.

The Executive Director should be a critical thinker, show initiative, and have great time management. The Executive Director should be skilled at pulling teams together to work on events, problem solving, and being an exemplary leader.


Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is responsible for the creation of all promotional campaigns and upholding the RSDCO brand, including graphic design, creative writing, distributing materials and building advertising strategies.

The Marketing Director should have previous experience in marketing/advertising, and is a critical thinker, a great writer, and has great attention to detail. They should be capable of using various multi-media and social media formats. They will work with the school district on website development


Chief Secretary

The Chief Secretary is responsible for internal administration at RSDCO, including recording meeting minutes and tracking volunteer hours.

The Chief Secretary should show initiative, attention to detail, analytical skills and great time management.


RSDCO is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to grow as leaders, and to get involved in their community! Learn about our many volunteer positions and find your place at RSDCO!

Why join us?

  • Make connections with students across the district in our tight-knit student teams;
  • Make a difference in your education and be part of our student voice;
  • Take lead in one of Richmond’s newest student organizations;
  • Gain experience in a fast-pace, growing environment; and
  • Earn meaningful volunteer hours.


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