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At Richmond Student District Council Organization, we strive to
unify and represent all students in the Richmond School District for all aspects of their own education,
and to promote and cultivate leadership and passion in schools through hosting events and initiatives.

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What We Do

Build Leaders

Whether you're ready to make your big ideas happen, or need some guidance in discovering your own abilities, we help students develop into the next generation of student leaders through hosting events and volunteering & leadership opportunities.

Grow Passions

Not everyone knows what they want to do in the future. Not everyone has a place to display their hobbies and talents. Through our events, we want to help students find something they love to do, while allowing others to showcase their amazing talents.

Amplify Voices

Everyone has a voice. Everyone has an opinion. Whether you have a ground breaking idea, or want to offer some humble input, we're a great connection to students from around the district, as well as directly with the Richmond Board of Education.


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